“I would like to tell you that we, (my granddaughter, husband and I) were very happy with the 5-week puppy classes that Nikole conducted.

We learnt so much. It had been 16 years since the last time we went to a puppy class, and the information was extremely helpful. I also found the booklet very informative and other members of the family were able to read it, so the whole family understood about our puppy’s training.

We have used all that we have learnt at puppy school and now have an adorable well behaved puppy which I am certain, if we had not attended puppy school, there would have been some unimpressive habits.

We are so glad that Nikole is willing to put together such a wonderful program that safely offers our puppy to meet other puppies and teach us how to best care for them. By attending puppy school, we learn so much, and our puppies can socialise.

We are hoping that there will be a primary school class in the future.

Thank you for providing your lovely new veterinary clinic as a venue.

Kind regards,

We recently attended Nurse Nikkole’s Puppy School and Primary School sessions.

Even though we are experienced dog owners, we had never attended puppy training before but wanted to go mostly for the ‘socialising’. We are pleased to say we got so much more from these classes than just socialising. We learnt so much! It wasn’t just about our dog meeting other dogs. We learnt to understand behaviours, and also a better, more positive way to go about training.

Nurse Nikkole is friendly and knowledgeable. She kept the classes fun but structured at the same time. We received homework to do each week to ensure we were progressing with our dogs training and also informative videos to watch at home. After hearing reports from my friends experiences at other puppy schools, I feel we got really lucky when we enrolled with Nurse Nikkole. We are a bit sad the classes have finished as I think we had just as much fun as our dog did, but we have taken what we learnt, and it has made training our dog a very enjoyable and relaxing experience. We highly recommend Nurse Nikkole’s puppy and primary school training. Even if you have to travel to attend, it will be well worth it.